We have a variety of moving supplies to ensure the safety of your valuables when moving in Mississauga to a new home or office.
Our moving boxes are durable and capable of handling all your moving needs. Our packing boxes are double wall corrugated to withstand the difficulties of moving.

With BoxShop, you can buy individual boxes for all your household items. Whether it’s a television, a computer, or a painting, you can purchase the right box for the right fit.

Some of our packing boxes include:

  • Small Moving Boxes — for items like books, DVDs, tools, toiletries, or kitchen items.
  • Medium Moving Boxes — for kitchen items, clothes, linens, and more.
  • Large Moving Boxes — for lampshades, kitchen items, toys, and oversize items.
  • Extra Large Moving Boxes — for moving or storing blankets, comforters, pillows and other large items.
  • Wardrobe Moving Boxes — great for packing, storing and protecting all of your hanging clothes
  • Mirror and Picture Boxes — for artwork, photographs, mirrors or any other wall valuables that you want safely transported.


Other moving supplies in Mississauga that we carry include:

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Source: Boxshop