2 Bedroom Apartment Discounted Moving Kit

Contains all the essential boxes and supplies for moving a 2 Bedroom Apartment. Typically used with a 10-foot rental truck or trailer. You may need a larger rental truck if moving a lot of furniture or towing a car.

This bundle contains the following items:

1 x 6.0 Cube Box
2 x 5.0 Cube Box
6 x 3.0 Cube Box
2 x 2.0 Cube Box
6 x 1.5 Cube Box
1 x Unprinted Newsprint 10 lbs
1 x China Box
1 x Permanent Marker
2 x Short Wardrobe Box with Bar
1 x Large Packing Tape 132M


Available in Toronto & GTA Only

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Source: Boxshop


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